Out NOW!!!! Album Titel: "Paint me a Universe"  2020

Available on Spotify, press picture! 

Paint me a universe

There is a lot of good stuff on this album! 


Ingredients: 35 % Pop, 20% Chillout/Lounge, 20% Jazz, 4% Reggae, 30% Rock, 20% Singer-Songwriter, 100% Magic vibes, 60% lovely weirdness and 40% relatable grounds;+)

As you will hear: the style of every next song on this album is always unpredictable.


All music by Leave Earth, (except “rather watch than wake the sleeping dog” whose co-author is Timo Hammesfahr. You can also listen to Timo singing together with Meike “unpredictable”.)

More leave Earth Music is also available on spotify: